Community Development

RCD’s Stronger Places, Stronger Lives community development initiative reflects our commitment to greater impact in the communities where we already have housing and services for our residents.

In the community of Ashland in southern Alameda County where we recently opened Ashland Place, we are collaborating with residents and county agencies, the Board of Supervisors District Four Office, non-profits, faith-based groups, and local businesses to improve the health and economic strength of the community.

Key strategies that expand our work in both resident services and real estate development and urban planning focus on:

  • Resident leadership development and community building to expand the dialogue in the Ashland community to find ways to address the area’s pressing social and economic challenges;
  • Real estate planning and development that invests in Ashland’s infrastructure and provides amenities that meet the community’s needs;
  • A café and market in Ashland Places’ commercial space in collaboration with Mandela MarketPlace that will feature healthy food and food stalls for local entrepreneurs to sell their goods;
  • An entrepreneurship coaching and retail revitalization initiative to help low-income residents become small business owners and contribute to the community’s revitalization;
  • Improving community health programs and access to health care as part of collaborative efforts in Ashland, including support for residents to become community-based health and nutrition educators.

Through investments in both people and place we believe these activities and investments will spur positive change for residents of the Ashland community.  See more here.