Resources for Community Development creates and preserves affordable housing for people with the fewest options, to build community and enrich lives.

View RCD’s mission and vision in action in this short video of 1701 MLK rising.

See RCD’s new outline of five strategic directions that will help us achieve greater impact on the extreme shortage of affordable housing.  Read Stronger Places Stronger Lives here.

A study of our residents offers insight into benefits of transit oriented housing. Read the transit survey here.

Housing is the foundation for a strong and healthy life!

One resident who will be happily ringing in 2017 is Althena. 

Althena is a single mother who has always considered the Bay Area home.  For years, she saw her rent increase faster than her paycheck.  Every month, she saw less of that paycheck leftover for food, clothing, and transportation. She made the difficult choice to move in with family and friends in order to get back on her feet. Before she knew it, years had passed since she and her family had a place to call their own.  Until she was handed a set of keys to her new apartment at Ashland Place.

This was the beginning of a brand new chapter in Althena’s life.    

For years, Althena delighted friends and family with her amazing homemade meals— shrimp and steak fries, greens, mac and cheese, her famous cheddar biscuit bacon burger. After moving into the first home she’s had in three years, Althena enrolled in a food entrepreneurship workshop and worked with The Eden Area Chamber of Commerce to acquire her cottage food operator license. Now she is sharing her specialties as a featured vendor at Eden Night Live and is hard at work to get back on her feet.

When you donate, you change the lives of residents like Althena.  Thank you!