Our Programs

Four programs define how we meet our mission to provide affordable homes and build community.

Housing Development draws together the local community and government, private and public funding, and architects, consultants, and builders to create new housing or rehabilitate existing properties. The result is an increase in the number of good quality homes that will remain affordable for at least 50 years.

Asset Management focuses on the financial strength and physical operation and upkeep of our properties. The result is housing that ensures the comfort and safety of our residents and that is a good financial investment.

Resident Services provides a range of programming that helps each resident succeed as an individual, as a neighbor, and as a member of the broader community. The result is that residents use the opportunity of safe and stable housing to their advantage.

Community Development links our work to the broader community to support a more complete community for our residents and people in the surrounding area. The result is that residents live, work, and play in a safer and healthier neighborhood. 

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