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LEED Platinum for Clinton Commons

The homes at Clinton Commons in Oakland just received LEED Platinum Certification from the US Green Building Council. This is the highest level of national recognition for green building and environmental sustainability. Clinton Commons is more than just beautiful – it’s green!

How does Clinton Commons add more than architectural interest to the neighborhood?

  • It’s infill housing that qualified for a density bonus of 23 units, yielding more housing through efficient use of land, and 55 homes
  • It’s in a location well served by transit, with services and retail nearby, within easy walking and biking distance
  • Green features support healthy indoor air quality and are water and energy –wise throughout the life of the building, with durable materials and finishes that last longer
  • Maximum energy efficiency and resource conservation began in construction by diverting 86% of the construction waste for reuse or recycling; it continues with green operations and maintenance procedures
  • Residents are engaged in conservation efforts through onsite recycling and waste reduction, and with signage that explains the sustainable choices of appliances, paints, fixtures, cabinetry, finishes, heating and ventilating, solar panels, and more

RCD’s commitment to green building aims to have immediate and measurable results where it counts: a healthier environment for residents; energy and resource savings; reduced greenhouse gas emissions; and lower operating costs.


02 LEED Platinum for Clinton Commons


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